Read by Kay: The Dangers of our Digital World

“Race After Technology” by Ruha Benjamin and “Digital Minimalism” by Cal Newport were really interesting to read around the same time! I’m lumping them together as they are both about the dangers of aspects of our digital world. Digital Minimalism challenged how over consumption (and often mindless consumption) of social media can have a grave impact on our well being. Race after technology was about how seemingly progressive or objective algorithms and other tech can wreak havoc on marginalized communities, termed the New Jim Code. ⁣My husband, a budding computer scientist here at Oxford, obtained this book at a conference last year and suggested I read it as it’s in my research interest(and also to summarize it for him 🙂 )

These were both interesting reads that I recommend for those needing a little more evidence of why it’s time to look at tech through skeptical lenses, and sometimes, to cut aspects out altogether. I personally cut off social media apps from my phone this year (with the exception to quickly post) and primarily utilize my computer for socials on a strict timer.⁣

Curious to hear anyone else’s stories on cutting back from social media recently? Check out my post on

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