An open letter to my friends who abandoned me

Listening to: Sorry not Sorry by Demi Lavato

I remember the time so vividly.

A time when I trusted you, I believed in you, and I loved you.

So I confided in you.

But you weren’t there.

You were at a party when I was dying.

You were dancing when I was crying.

You kicked me when I was down…

But, you’ve had to watch me stand back up.

You’ve seen me become stronger, wiser, and successful. And Ive watched you remain the same.


On the year anniversary of my traumatic event, I will be launching a company dedicated to ending the stigma of mental illness in diverse communities. By February 2019, my company will have established 11 branches across the country to educate minority communties in order to end the stigma of mental illness.

I hope you will attend an education session, and I hope you would learn from me.

But I know that I can’t change you, and I know you’ll probably remain the same.


But I continue to pray, and I’ll continue to rise.

I pray that you’ll stop dancing when someone’s crying. That you will no longer attend a party when someone’s dying. I pray that there will be no more stigma, and no more shame.

You see, the cycle ends with me.

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