Oh the Places I’ll Go! Naija Edition

Picture of me at Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina.

As many of you know from my recent adventure to Kenya and Egypt, I love to travel and meet new people from all over! I’ve been so excited about moving to Ibadan that I recently took to social media to meet people my age who are already studying or working there. I’ve compiled a list of the following sites they suggested I see while in Nigeria:

Ibadan: University of Ibadan zoo, Agodi Gardens, Bower Tower, Obafemi Awolowo Stadium, American Corner, Mapo Hall

Abuja: Nike Art Gallery, Sculpture Garden, Zuma Rock, Millennium Park, Aso rock,presidential grounds, National Christian Center, Natioal Mosque, ECOWAS building, West Market(giant outdoor salon), arts and crafts village

Lagos: Fela’s shrine at allen avenue, Slave museum and market at badagry, Point of no return at badagry, Atican and elegushi beach,bar beach, Lekki conservation center, Whispering palms resort, Nike Art Gallery, Lufasi park, lacapagne tropicana

Ile Ife: Oba’s Palace, Obafemi Awolowo University

Ogun State: Abeokuta, Olumo rock

Osun State: Osun-Oshogbo sacred grove,  Osun-Oshogbo festival in August,  Erin Ijesa waterfal

Plateau State: Jos Plateau

Ondo State: Idanre hills

Calabar: Tinapa, Obudu cattle ranch, new years festival

Ekiti State: Ikogosi water fall

Rivers State: Port Harcourt

As Nigeria’s over twice the size of the state of California, some of these places may be too far for me to travel to. Fortunately though, most on my list are within 3 hours max and will be possible to accomplish over a weekend.

I’m also hoping to attend Ile Ya Omo in the small town of Ile Ife in December, which is a cultural festival for Yoruba members in Nigeria and across the black diaspora. They also have a rebirthing ceremony which welcomes individuals of African descent back to the tribe and land that was stolen from them as a result of slavery. Participants get a new Yoruba name and an official certificate certifying them as part of the Yoruba community. Not only will that experience be SO COOL and be exactly what I know my ancestors would want me to do, but it will also be a great “midterm” cultural immersion experience as I will be studying the Yoruba ethnic group for my research project.

While I will be staying 99.9% of my 9 months in Nigeria, I also hope to travel to a couple other countries as well as time permits. Ideally, I would see every African country before I leave Nigeria, or at least those in west Africa. However, the US Department of State only permits 14 days outside of my country, and I will need to dedicate many of those for international student orientation at Oxford. Nevertheless, my biggest priority of those travel days will be traveling to meet my 17 year old sponsor child in Ghana and exploring Accra and other sites.

Did I miss anything from your state? If you’re Nigerian or have traveled to Nigeria please drop me a comment, or an email on the “contact section” and let me know what other events or sites I could check out while there-and I will add them to my list!

Edit: Wow! Thanks to all those who contacted me! The list keeps growing and I couldn’t be more excited to explore Naija! 💜









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